AJ Adhesives




We’re proud and excited to share that AJ Adhesives, Inc. will be celebrating 30 years of unparalleled national adhesives distribution and service this June. Our sister company, Mid-America Packaging, will also be celebrating a pivotal milestone anniversary as well of 25 years of service.

In preparation for these major milestones, AJ Adhesives & Mid-America Packaging (MAP) will be having a celebration at their St. Louis Headquarters this summer inviting suppliers, family, and friends to join in on the festivities.

AJ & MAP both pride themselves on their ability to serve their customers no matter the situation. Especially these past few years. The sister companies have registered their customer service philosophy, Insanely Happy Customers ®, and have grown to six stocking warehouses. AJ & MAP’s sales professionals are experts and can accurately recommend the correct adhesives and equipment to a wide variety of industries and sectors.

In the past 30 years, AJ Adhesives & Mid-America Packaging has grown and expanded multiple times with new warehouses and several acquisitions. With a passion for growth and winning AJ & MAP Andy Schwartz, President & CEO, often says “the team that learns fastest – wins”.